Circumwise and Circumcision Australia

Circumwise is located in Melbourne, Victoria and is part of the Circumcision Australia group of Doctors. We provide a quality service for those who choose to circumcise their boys for personal, religious and cultural reasons.

The principal of Circumcision Australia is Dr Terry Russell OAM. In 1993, Dr Russell commenced using topical anaesthetic cream in combination with the Plastic Circumcision Device, and published the only Australian research findings in January 1996. ('Topical Anaesthesia in Neonatal Circumcision: a study of 208 consecutive cases').

Since starting the use of topical anaesthesia cream in 1993, the Circumcision Australia group of doctors have performed over 30.500 circumcisions using topical anaesthetic cream and the Plastic Circumcision Device.

Experience gained through this exceptionally large number of procedures has enabled constant review and modification of the technique to ensure the most successful possible outcome, not only for babies but also for older boys - and peace of mind for parents.