The Procedure

The Plastic Circumcision Device is a small ring that fits inside the foreskin, over the head of the penis. A ligature (string) is tied on the outside of the foreskin, so that the foreskin is compressed between the ring on the inside and the ligature outside.

Advantages of the Plastic Circumcision Device

There are five (5) advantages of the Plastic Circumcision Device technique.
The clamping cuts off the circulation to the foreskin so that it should not bleed.

Because the circulation is cut off, it is difficult for infection to ascend beyond that point.

The clamping also cuts off the nerve supply so that it should be quite painless afterwards.

Because the Plastic Circumcision Device is sitting on the head of the penis, it accurately defines the level at which the circumcision occurs.

No dressings are necessary. You can bathe him normally, and the ring separates of its own accord several days later.

Risks of conventional circumcision

The risks of conventional circumcision are:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • "Botched-up" surgery

The Plastic Circumcision Device is effective in minimising all of these problems.

The other main objection to conventional circumcision is that it always was done without anaesthesia. LMX4 anaesthetic cream is an effective and safe form of anaesthesia for circumcision, but the cream must be applied two hours before the procedure, and correct application is essential for a successful result.